When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lavender Lemonade!

This past spring, I had the great honor of witnessing and contributing to the marriage between two of my closest friends, who we met day 1 on the Pacific Crest Trail. Ashleigh and Mark had been dating for several years before they committed to hiking the PCT together. After hiking for quite some time with them and watching them be tested as a couple and individually, I had no doubt in my mind that they would not only make it the whole way to Canada, but their love would also last a lifetime. Little did we know, Mark had carried Ashleigh's engagement ring in his pocket the entire way from Mexico to Canada. He proposed at the end of the trail after walking 2,650 miles together. Like Mark and Ashleigh, my now husband and I also got engaged on the trail. Our shared memories and experiences on and off of the trail have bonded the 4 of us together forever. So needless to say, their wedding day was emotional and beautiful. Ashleigh's favorite color is purple and Mark is a chef, so I decided to create an all Lavender bouquet for her and a bundle of Herb de Provence boutonnière for him. Here is a photo of the newly weds downtown San Francisco. 

                                                                                                                                              Photography by  This Love of Yours . 

                                                                                                                                              Photography by This Love of Yours

 I had some left over lavender from Ashleigh's bouquet, so I decided to not let it go to waste and make something delicious! I ended up making lavender lemonade and lavender honey butter.  If you want to add a little fun to your Lavender Lemonade, top it off with some Bubbles!

Local honey, Organic Lemons and Organically grown Lavender.